The Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles Move to REBA

The Renewable Energy Buyer’s Alliance has spun out from its four founding nonprofit organizations into an independent nonprofit, which will continue to transform the electricity sector and elevate the voices of corporate renewable energy buyers, stream-lining the transition to a clean, zero-carbon energy future.

As of today, facilitation of the Buyers’ Principles transfers to REBA, where the Principles will continue as an initiative to represent the needs of large corporate buyers of renewable energy and simplify the procurement process for cost-effective renewable energy.

REBA now unites initiatives originally headed by four prominent nonprofit organizations – Business for Social Responsibility, the Rocky Mountain Institute, World Resources Institute, and World Wildlife Fund – into a single organization that is uniquely positioned to accelerate the market for non-residential renewable energy procurement.

In addition to the Buyers’ Principles, REBA will support the Business Renewables Center, the Future of Internet Power, and the Green Tariff Tracking programs under a single organization, allowing REBA to provide resources and engagement opportunities to corporate buyers of renewable energy at every stage of the procurement process. REBA’s programs and offerings will also be expanded.

For more information, please visit or contact Kevin Haley about joining REBA: