The Buyers’ Principles

Collaborating to deliver more affordable, clean energy today

The Buyers’ Principles represent large customers’ renewable energy needs and help them stream-line solutions for buying cost-effective renewable energy.

The electricity sector is changing rapidly; the cost of renewable power has fallen dramatically in recent years and in parallel, customer demand for clean, affordable sources of energy has soared. As of 2017, 63% of the Fortune 100 had set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and buy clean energy.

As renewable energy has become more and more cost effective and companies are setting more ambitious goals to buy it, large companies are increasingly looking for ways to contract directly for renewable energy to protect against future energy price increases and meet their climate and renewable energy goals. To meet the scale of their goals, these companies need access to more renewable energy in more places.

Companies have stepped forward to join the Buyers’ Principles because the Principles fit their corporate energy strategy and describe the sorts of products they hope the marketplace will offer them.

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