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Triple Pundit: Crucial Heroes in America’s Quest for Climate Action

By Marty Spitzer, World Wildlife Fund’s Senior Director of Climate and Energy  Major U.S. companies have been supporting climate action and investing in renewable energy for decades. IBM set a greenhouse gas emission reduction goal in 1998. Johnson & Johnson set one in 2000 and invested in its first solar project a year later. But a… Read more »

Forbes: Smaller Businesses Want Renewable Energy Developers To Spread The Green

By Ken Silverstein More than 860 utilities offer green power programs to their customers, the renewable energy lab says, giving more than half of the electricity customers nationwide the option to buy renewable energy. But the aim now is to ratchet up the stakes and to offer commercial and industrial businesses a chance to contractually… Read more »

Forbes: Corporate Demand for Renewable Energy Could Rock the Grid

June 22, 2016 | Facebook and Microsoft are among 60 companies and over 50 leading project developers and service providers participating in the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance that aims to break down barriers to lower-carbon energy.

Greenbiz: REBA shows what it takes to scale corporate renewable energy

May 23, 2016 | “What was striking at the Summit was the engagement, breadth and clout of the participants in the room. Every flavor of big company was represented: tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook, major retailers like Walmart, auto makers from GM to Tesla and, more so than last year, utilities as well as renewable energy developers.”