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Utility – Buyer Dialogue Insights

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), World Resources Institute (WRI), and the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) just released a new publication “Creating Renewable Energy Opportunities” that tracks the results of a high-profile workshop with utilities and corporate buyers in October 2015, and reviews existing utility-offered renewable energy products to spark innovation and promote greater customer collaboration.

The publication is the initial product of the new Utility-Corporate Buyer Collaborative Forum that provides a platform for electric companies and their corporate customers to work together to develop renewable energy products that best align business needs and corporate energy goals. Next steps of the Collaborative Forum are set out in the publication.

The review of 15 utility-offered renewable energy products highlights areas for innovation, and aims to support the creation of better tailored products that clearly align with corporate sustainability goals. Corporate energy buyers are particularly interested in products that offer greater price predictability, transparent terms, ease of acquisition, and are sourced from local projects.

Download the executive summary of the workshop proceedings here.

Download the full workshop proceedings below.

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