The Wall Street Journal: Why It’s Mainly Giant Companies That Buy Green Power

“Call it the green-energy gap: While giant corporations like IKEA and General Motors Co. are installing thousands of rooftop solar panels and investing millions of dollars in wind energy, outside the Fortune 100, renewables have a spottier record.

Mostly, it’s a matter of scale and heft. Huge, long-term projects geared toward the biggest energy users tend to secure the cheapest renewable power. Anheuser-Busch InBev SA agreed in March to buy enough wind energy to power all of its breweries in Mexico. Wal-Mart Stores  Inc. and Target  Corp. have topped hundreds of stores and warehouses with solar panels.  Apple  Inc., meanwhile, generates so much solar power that it created a subsidiary to sell its excess electricity.

But smaller companies—not just mom-and-pop operations, but multibillion-dollar brands as well—are finding it isn’t so easy to tap into solar or wind power. It can require armies of lawyers, accountants and clean-energy experts to hammer out contracts with power producers and navigate a thicket of regulations that vary widely from state to state.”

Read full article here. (Published May 21, 2017)