WWF Magazine: Exponential Power – Corporate Leaders Catalyze The US Transition To Renewable Energy

Exponential Power: Corporate Leaders Catalyze the US Transition to Renewable Energy

By Laura Paskus

Three and a half years ago, Steven Skarda traveled from Procter & Gamble’s corporate engineering office in Ohio to WWF’s headquarters in Washington, DC. He faced a challenge: The multinational company had set ambitious renewable energy goals for its US-based facilities in response to the climate crisis, and as the company’s lead on climate and energy issues, it was Skarda’s job to figure out how to hit those targets. WWF said it could help.

Procter & Gamble had at that point been focusing its efforts on a manufacturing site in Georgia, and WWF had already convened conversations with Georgia Power and other large corporations with operations in the area— including The Coca-Cola Company and Mars—about getting more renewables onto the grid in the state. But Procter & Gamble still wanted more solar and wind power for its operations…

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