GreenTechMedia: The World’s Biggest Companies on Why They Buy Renewables: ‘It’s a Very Clear Economic Issue’

By: Julia Pyper

“Several people told Robert Eckhardt he was crazy when he said he wanted to put solar panels on his company’s corporate headquarters nearly a decade ago. There were concerns about water runoff, high winds and the roof warranty, not to mention the fact that no one knew how to get the project financing done.

“To all of the naysayers who said I couldn’t do it, I just want to say I proved you wrong,” said Eckhardt, who serves as director of architecture and renewable energy at Bed Bath & Beyond, while speaking at the GreenBiz Verge conference this week.

Bed Bath & Beyond installed its first solar project in 2010. Today, the retail company has 17 megawatts of solar and recently committed to expanding its solar portfolio with an additional eight projects using SunPower’s new plug-and-play solar platform.”

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